Burst Water Pipes

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Minimising the effects of a burst water pipe?

Our previous blog described the events that result in burst water pipes. We also advised you on how to identify a burst pipe. So now what?

What do I do if you have a burst pipe?

Here is a 4 step plan of action in the event of a burst water pipe:

Step 1) Turn off the main supply: Always know where to turn off your main water supply.

Locate the shutoff valve and turn it off fully …and then open the taps in the home to remove the water from the system.

Steps 2) DO NOT use electrical devices: keep away from light switches and sockets if water is leaking – it can easily be within the electrical circuit and could have ‘shocking’ consequences!

Step 3) Dry it up: Clean excess water away as soon as possible. Less water = Less damage

Step 4) Do damage control: Move furniture and belongings from the affected area. Remember your insurance may not cover everything and some things are irreplaceable.

A good tip: Only turn off the main supply if necessary. Changes in water flow and pressure that occur when shutting off the water can cause a vibration along the water pipe, which in turn cause the brackets holding the pipes to come lose and increases the likelihood of leaks.

If in doubt….you guessed it …Call a Plumber.

How do I minimise burst pipes?

Prevention is always better than cure and this could be the most important advice of all:

  • Insulate all exposed pipes – in the ceiling, along exterior walls and leading to garden taps.
  • Ensure that all joints and fittings are also insulated.
  • Fix any dripping taps or existing leaks before winter. Many Burst Pipes happen because of existing leaks.
  • Be aware of pipes laid close to trees and recurring blockages. You may have to reroute your water (or sewerage pipes) for a more permanent fix. It may be costly, but this is directly related to the length of the re-route and the surface that needs to be dug up to do it.

We hope this has been helpful. Remember there is plenty of advice on our website and we can be contacted anytime for ‘one-on-one’ advice too! Watch for our next blog on locating blockages or leaks to pipes that are underground.

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