Do geyser blankets save electricity?

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Did you know that hot water usage on its own comprises around 40% of a typical household’s electricity consumption?

If you are tired of having a seizure every time you get the electricity bill, perhaps you should be wrapping your geyser in a blanket to keep it warm, but does it really help?

How does installing a Geyser blanket reduce electricity?

To keep warm and cosy at night, you most likely cuddle under the duvet right? …and in winter, you may add an extra blanket to keep you even warmer (not to mention those ugly, but lovely, winter bed socks). This is because the duvet and blankets trap your own body heat to keep you warm as the temperature drops.

Geyser blankets operate in a similar way.

Throughout the day the temperature in your geyser drops and when it drops below a preset temperature, the element inside the geyser switches on to reheat the water, therefore electricity is used to heat the water in your geyser.

This cycle happens, day in and day out, throughout the year. In winter however, the amount of times the element switches on to reheat the water increases substantially and the result of that is a substantially increased Electricity bill!
By insulating the geyser against normal heat loss through the steel casing, the geyser blanket keeps the water hot for longer, the element does not switch on as often and the result is you save energy and money!

Are there any other ways you can save on the electricity bill?

So your geyser is wrapped up nice and cosy and being well insulated, but are there further electricity savings you could be benefitting from? Well the good news is that there are …and ‘lagging’ (or insulating) the exposed hot water pipes in your home, is one of them.

The benefits of these improved savings are clearly illustrated in the table below:

Are there more benefits to insulating your geyser and pipes than just reducing your electricity account?

Reducing electricity consumption through insulating your geyser and pipes is just one of the benefits to be had and the good news is that there are others:

  • The warm days and freezing cold nights of Highveld winters place a lot of strain on your geyser and water pipes. Extreme temperature fluctuations can lead to burst water pipes or geysers and so insulating the geyser and pipes provides protection against and reduces the possibility of such eventualities. Water damage from burst pipes or geysers can be very destructive, so as the saying goes, “Prevention is ALWAYS better than Cure!”
  • This is why Plumbers LOVE winter. The increase in burst geysers and pipes can result in lots of business for the guy with the trench and plunger, but through insulation you can avoid having to add a plumbing bill to the already exorbitant electricity bill!

If you, or the people who inhabited the house or offices before you, didn’t know about this advice or heed it, you may need a good professional plumber to advise you on insulation, or worse still, to come and repair damages already done. Make sure you always contact reputable plumbers with a great track record who will ensure you minimize future unnecessary expenses. Stay warm this winter and keep your geyser and pipes warm too!


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