Leak Detection – It’s time to contact the Experts

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Our very useful blog on how to detect if you have a water leak has helped you realise that you have one. And finally the reason why your municipal water account made it appear like you were bathing 5 times a day, 7 days a week. But the source of the illusive leak is making you tear your hair out.

Locating an invisible or hidden leak is like finding that proverbial ‘needle in the haystack.’ It could be a pipe running underneath the floors in your house, in the walls, or underground in your garden. So before your water account escalates to pounding migraine proportions, contact a qualified and experienced plumber detect the leak and repair it.

How do i know if i have the right plumber to detect an invisible leak?  

Leak detection is one of the most difficult and important jobs that trained and licensed Plumbers perform.

If the Plumber appears to be guessing where there are leaks happening, send him packing and recruit the services of a ‘professional Plumber’ with state-of-the-art technology and the training to detect invisible leaks. This is the best way to avoid the unnecessary chopping up of floorboards, walls and ceilings. By using technology to pinpoint a hidden leak, the repair will be far less disruptive.

How does the plumber use technology to detect a leak? 

The detection of invisible leaks starts with a visual inspection to narrow the search area. The Plumber will be looking for damp spots, mildew growth and warped floorboards. Some leaks can also be heard. The plumbing expert will listen for a hissing sound. If none of these are apparent, technology is then the best way to pin-point a leak. This technology will include; Acoustic listening devices; Gas technology or infrared sensors and Video pipe inspection equipment (used for especially difficult leaking issues) which sends a miniaturized camera on a long fiber-optic cable down a drain and gives the Plumber a view of the pipe interior on a monitor. This combination of sound, gas, infrared and video equipment takes the guess work out of the location of any hidden leaks, thereby saving time which saves you money!

Now, with the right information available, the Plumber can target the leak and know the best way to deal with it, making the repair process both effective and fast …and as little additional damage as possible is done to your walls or floors!

Will this cost me an arm and a leg? 

There’s an old saying about ‘Penny wise, pound foolish’. Specialist professionals with specialist equipment will always appear to be a little more expensive than ‘backyard’ operations, but the time saved by using the right equipment and the money saved by having any repair properly carried out and less damage done to your home or office, will always be ‘Pound wise’ in the long term.

Your property investment may be your biggest asset so, before your invisible drip turns into your biggest disaster, contact us to come and give your pipes the ‘once over.’ As experienced professionals we guarantee we can locate any leak, saving you water, saving you time, saving you money!

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