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Whole-House Filter

About the Whole-House Filter

  • The unit is connected to your main water supply line to ensure that all water used throughout the house is clean and filtered.
  • It provides high volumes of filtered water, while taking up minimal space compared to other whole-house filters on the market.
  • The housing is compact, simplistic, modern (H: 670mm, W: 210mm, L: 380mm) and allows for different combinations of cartridges to provide filtration solutions for various household requirements (note: cartridges need to be bought separately and are not supplied standard with the casing/housing).
  • Although the unit is suitable for municipal, rainwater and borehole water, it is important that the water source is appropriately controlled. Borehole water should be tested to ensure that it is safe for domestic use.

Purchase your Whole-House Water Filtration system from UPP starting from R8431.50 ex VAT

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For detailed installation and usage instructions:
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Whole-House Filter Features and Benefits


  • Two-stage filtration unit
  • Filters up to 80 kilolitres of water
  • Improves water quality in baths and showers
  • Keeps household appliances clean
  • Provides cleaner water for washing/rinsing
  • Removes impurities from drinking water
  • Rapid filtration
  • Quick and easy filter replacement (filter life might vary depending on the combination of filter cartridges, water quality and volume of consumption)
  • 1-year warranty (consumable parts only covered for manufacturing faults and defects)

For more information on which cartridge to use for your desired application, refer to the table below:

Major contaminants PP Sediment PP Activated Carbon DisruptorTM 5293 PAC-S
E. coli
Cysts & parasites
Trace pharmaceuticals
VOC (volatile organic compounds)
Some heavy metals (lead,copper & iron)
Polysaccharides (TEP)

Purchase your Whole-House Water Filtration system from UPP starting from R8431.50 ex VAT

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