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Underground Water Storage

When it comes to rainwater harvesting and water storage, some homeowners (as well as facility managers) prefer to house tanks underground, as opposed to utilising vertical tanks above-ground. This may be due to aesthetics or, more likely, space constraints.

Underground plastic storage tanks can be used for the storage of rainwater as well as municipal water, grey water, conservancy water waste or any other liquid which may be stored underground legally.

Benefits & Advantages
  • Space – An underground tank will provide storage space, while being both out of the way and out of sight.
  • Longevity – Underground tanks are not exposed to the elements.
  • Safety –The underground tanks that we supply are equipped with child-safe manholes.
  • Containment – The tank is completely sealed and buried, so cannot be infested with any contaminants.
  • Size –Choose from a large variety of tank sizes.
  • Cost – A plastic underground tank costs less to install than brick-built tanks.
Need more info?
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The future of water is through saving it where we can. Take advantage of our discounted underground water storage tank solutions, while stocks last…

  • 3000-litre – from R35,000 (excl. vat)*
  • 6000-litre – from R55,000 (excl. vat)*
  • 12,500-litre – from R75,000 (excl. vat)*

Choose from either a 3000-litre, 6000-litre or 12,500-litre tank, complete with installation, as well as a pump and connections to the garden tap and/or irrigation system. We can also offer a complete filtration and back-up for the house at an additional R15,000 (excl. vat) added onto each system, depending on the distance to connections.


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*Terms and conditions apply. These system prices exclude any difficult entries into properties for the tanks and/or where contingency for a crane lift may be required.