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Pool Backwash Tank

Have you ever thought about how much water goes to waste when you backwash your pool?

Save both water and time by making use of a backwash storage tank that allows pool backwash water to be saved and re-used.

As an accredited JoJo Tank installer, UPP offers the following:

500 Litre Backwash Tank

  • The innovative design of JoJo’s 500 litre Backwash Tank enables easy backwashing while saving water.
  • The tank has purposefully located tap-off points, ensuring that only clean water is returned to your pool when you backwash.
  • Dirty water can be utilised in the garden.
  • The tank can be installed for permanent application or stored away after use as it is lightweight and small in size, making it an ideal solution.

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How a pool backwash tank works:

  • During the backwashing process, the water is diverted from the filter and flows into the backwash tank instead of being discharged to the wastewater drain.
  • The water is collected in the tank and allowed to settle.
  • Once the sediment and debris have settled to the bottom of the tank, the clean water can be siphoned off the top and re-used.
  • The sediment and debris that have settled to the bottom of the tank can be disposed of properly. Some backwash tanks have a built-in drain valve to make this process easier.

Benefits of a pool backwash tank:

  • Water conservation: A backwash tank can help to conserve water by allowing you to recycle the water that is expelled during the backwashing process. Instead of simply discharging the water to the wastewater drain, it can be collected in the tank and reused to top off the pool or water your plants.
  • Cost savings: By recycling the backwash water, you can reduce your water bill and save money over time.
  • Environmental benefits: Conserving water is good for the environment, especially in areas where water is scarce.
  • Improved pool maintenance: A backwash tank can help to improve the efficiency of your pool’s filtration system by reducing the frequency of backwashing. This can help to prolong the life of your filter and save you money on maintenance costs.

Overall, a pool backwash tank can be a valuable addition to your pool maintenance system, providing benefits such as water conservation, cost savings, and improved filtration efficiency.

Pool Backwash Tank
Pool Backwash Tank
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