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Women in Plumbing

At UPP, we are all about encouraging and empowering women to enter the plumbing industry and make their mark.

According to a 2021 survey by the Institute of Plumbing South Africa (IOPSA) and statistics from StatsSA (2020), women make up 5,4% of the total percentage of plumbers and apprentices in South Africa. The majority are self-employed, while others are employed by either construction or plumbing companies.

The presence of women in this field is an indication that there is room for gender diversification in this traditionally male-dominated sector.

At UPP, we see so much potential within our industry, regardless of gender. We want to encourage women plumbers – and help empower them.

If this is a passion of yours; if it’s something that you’re interested in, then we say, go for it. There are so many things in place now to support you and to overcome the stereotypes that women plumbers face.

“No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens.”
Michelle Obama

UPP is a proud partner of the BluLever Education employer network, helping to ensure that their apprentices are able to continue their learning journey in the workplace.

BluLever Education is an innovative trade training organisation dedicated to building a connected artisan ecosystem that supports artisans at every stage of their journey and offers them opportunities to continuously grow their careers, education and businesses.

They’re solving some of Africa’s biggest challenges by upskilling the artisans that build our continent – and we’re just as excited and passionate as they are about growing the plumbing industry!

To find out more about building your career, business or the artisan ecosystem with an education partner that believes in artisans, click here.

Mandy Keil

Meet Mandy Keil – the ‘CEO’ of the UPP group – or as she describes it, ‘Chief Empowerment Officer.’

Here, she explains her passion for the plumbing industry and debunks peoples’ perceptions and the stereotypes that come with being a plumber.

Anthea Dantu

Meet Anthea Dantu, operations guru and member of the UPP family for the past 13 years.

Here she explains how she got into plumbing as a prospect and later developed a real passion for the industry:

Cathy Kowet

Meet Cathy Kowet, interested in green buildings and a shared passion for smart water solutions.

Hear more about what being a woman, swimming against the nearly all-male plumbing and construction tide, has taught her:

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