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At the UPP Group, we are all about revolutionizing and transforming the way South Africa does plumbing. Our installation and maintenance services include:

  • General maintenance and repairs of toilets, basins, urinals
  • Fit-outs of offices for new tenants or office upgrades
  • Solar, heat pump and combined systems
  • Geyser installations and repairs
  • Installation and cleaning of floor drains and grease traps
  • Plumbing for industrial kitchens / restaurants / tea-coffee pause areas
  • Back-up water, rainwater harvesting and grey water harvesting (accredited JoJo Tank installer)
  • Specialised back-up water tank cleaning (without water removal)
  • Pump installations and servicing for residential, industrial and commercial properties
  • SLA’s on pumps for booster, lift shafts and sewer pumps
  • Water delivery for area water outages
  • Filtration and maintenance of borehole pumps and systems
  • Septic and subsoil drainage
  • Horizontal drilling for sleeve pipe
  • Smart Water Meter installations, including bulk installations and water meter loggers
  • Meter audits and full water audits to assess and provide water-saving solutions
  • High pressure jetting of drains, sewer lines, storm-water lines and high-rise buildings
  • Relaying of water and sewer lines for residential, industrial and commercial properties
  • Filtration of dirty water for irrigation
  • Anti-vac systems
  • Fin drain installations (catching of ground water)
  • Septic tank installations
  • French drain installations
  • CCTV camera inspections
  • Civil works for water and sewer lines
  • Utility scanning for existing pipework (tracing and ground penetration radar)

At UPP, we believe that the future of water is through saving it as much as we can.


Our residential plumbing services include – but are not limited to – leak detection and repair; water line repair and replacement; the unclogging of toilets, drains and sewer lines; the repair of existing bathrooms, kitchen piping and fixtures; kitchen and bathroom installations, as well as geyser repairs, replacement and smart metering. We also offer after-hours emergency services to all our clients.

Commercial plumbing requires an understanding of plumbing solutions on a large scale, as office buildings and complexes usually have multiple floors, each one requiring bathrooms, canteen and/or kitchen areas, geysers, other plumbing points and utility solutions.

Our commercial services include – but are not limited to – restrooms, kitchens and tea/coffee stations; drainage, sewerage, pressure and piping solutions, as well as water-saving measures.

Industrial plumbing is both complex and specialised, with the range of plumbing services required highly dependent on the type of sector or industry involved – from mining and chemical to automotive, agriculture and manufacturing etc.

Plumbing fixtures, filtration systems, water pressure considerations, piping installations, drainage and waste management solutions, all need to be durable, safe and compliant to ensure maximum output and productivity, while also taking into consideration the wellbeing of employees and the environment.


Our technicians are knowledgeable, professional, friendly & ready to get the job done!


If water runs through it, we can do it - from residential plumbing services, to commercial installations and maintenance, as well as specialised industrial projects.


We regularly consult with industry specialists, to harness our collective experience, so we can address water conservation and make green technologies the norm.


We offer in-house training, coaching and mentoring to help up-skill and professionalise the plumbing industry.


We are passionate about designing and implementing sustainable water solutions through relationship building, education and leadership development.