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You suspect that you have a water leak. You check every single tap, mixer, toilet, visible pipe and plumbing connection in your house and you cannot find a single drip or leak.

Yet your municipal water account makes it look as you have been filling up your entire pool a few times per month! In this case, you may have a leak that is not so easy to see, or what we call an ‘invisible leak.

Four easy steps to establish you have a hidden leak

The good news is, you can check this yourself. Yes you …Sshhh …I will tell you how in four easy steps…

  1. Locate your water meter.
  2. Check the reading.
  3. Go and make sure that every single tap and mixer inside and outside the house is tightly shut. No-one is showering, no toilets are being flushed and no water guzzling appliance is in operation. There must be no water running. Wait for an hour.
  4. Check the water meter again. If the reading has changed and no water was used, you may have a hidden leak.

Locating an invisible or hidden leak is like finding that proverbial ‘needle in the haystack.’ It could be a pipe running underneath the floors in your house, in the walls, or underground in your garden.

Wherever it is, it’s going to drive you mad and inflate your water bill, so best you seek expert help from a reputable plumber because it takes expertise and specialist equipment to do this job properly.