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Enjoy the benefits of an uninterrupted water supply during outages with a municipal back-up solution…

Access to a consistent water supply is essential when it comes to our daily routine. However, disruptions in municipal water services can occur unexpectedly, leaving households and businesses without this basic necessity. Municipal water back-up systems provide a reliable solution to this problem.

What is municipal water back-up?

Municipal water back-up refers to a system that is designed to provide an alternative water supply during disruptions in the municipal water service. It acts as a reliable back-up by using stored water reserves or alternative water sources, such as rainwater harvesting systems. When the primary water supply is interrupted, the municipal water back-up system seamlessly takes over, ensuring a continuous flow of water.

How does it work?

Municipal water back-up systems are typically comprised of storage tanks, pumps and control mechanisms. The storage tanks store a sufficient volume of water, and the pumps deliver this water to the household’s or business’s plumbing system. The control mechanisms, such as pressure switches and sensors, monitor the municipal water supply and activate the back-up system when needed.

During normal municipal water supply conditions, the back-up system will flow through your tank continuously in order to keep that water fresh – that’s where the pump comes into play; the pump also acts to increase pressure in the house. When an outage occurs, the control mechanisms detect the interruption and activate the back-up system. The pumps then draw water from the storage tanks, ensuring a continuous water flow until the municipal supply is restored.

Benefits of a municipal water back-up system

  • Uninterrupted water supply: With a municipal water back-up system in place, households and businesses can enjoy a continuous water supply during outages, ensuring minimal disruptions to daily activities.
  • Emergency preparedness: Municipal water disruptions can be caused by various factors such as maintenance, infrastructure issues or natural disasters. Having a back-up system allows households and businesses to be self-sufficient in such situations.
  • Water conservation: A municipal water back-up system often integrates to include rainwater harvesting, which promotes sustainable water practices and reduces reliance on the municipal supply.
Ask a professional

Installing a municipal water back-up system requires a professional plumber who will assess your specific water requirements and design a customized system that meets your needs. An incorrect installation can lead to inefficiencies, malfunctions, or even damage to the plumbing system. A skilled plumber will ensure that the back-up system is installed correctly, including the positioning of storage tanks, pumps, and necessary controls. A professional plumber will also be knowledgeable about the local regulations and ensure that the installation meets the required standards.

Beyond installation, ongoing maintenance and servicing is crucial to ensure the system’s longevity and functionality. At UPP, we partner with only the best brands to bring quality solutions to the local market – solutions that align with our passion for plumbing and water-smart way of thinking.

When it comes to municipal water back-up, we can help you select the correct system to suit your needs.