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At UPP, we believe that the future of water is through saving it as much as we can.

We are passionate about designing and implementing sustainable water solutions, including back-up water, rainwater harvesting and grey water harvesting (UPP is an accredited JoJo Tank installer).

This maintenance checklist will help keep your rainwater harvesting system functioning optimally, so it can continue to deliver cleaner, clearer rainwater with lots of uses in and around your home or business.

After every rainfall event

Inspect Maintain
Wet system pipes Manually or automatically drain to prevent anaerobic fermentation (which occurs when leaves and other organic materials decompose in an oxygen-starved environment such as water-filled pipes); tannin leaching (where water turns brown and murky as tannins from leaves ‘leach’ into rainwater), and freezing during cold spells (especially in winter-rainfall areas).

Every 3 rainfall events

Inspect Maintain
First flush diverters with flow control washers Remove and clean the outlet, filter screen and flow control washer to prevent blockages and ensure the unit empties after each rainfall event. First flush diverters are a critical component in any rainwater harvesting system. These devices divert and capture the most contaminated, sediment-laden water that washes into your pipes from your roof during the first initial millimetres of rain.


Inspect Maintain
Bucket style rain heads Remove leaves and debris from the catchment area and brush or hose off the screen to help prevent blockages and decomposing vegetation.
Enclosed rain heads Remove leaves and debris from the cover and brush or hose off the screen to ensure optimal performance.
Screen filters Screen filters keep out small debris and insects and help improve the quality of your water in your tank as they reduce the introduction of organic sediment. Keep them working optimally and ensure high water yields by regularly brushing or hosing them off.

Every 3 months

Inspect Maintain
Roof, gutters and gutter mesh Clean and remove leaves and debris to preserve water quality and quantity; trim back overhanging branches and vegetation as required; consider installing gutter mesh for easier maintenance.
Rain heads with self-cleaning screens Brush or hose off screen/s to remove any leaves or debris for optimal rainwater quality and quantity.
First flush diverters with advanced release valves Remove and clean the advanced release valve to prevent blockages and ensure the unit continues to empty properly after each rainfall event; ensure the auto-release settings are still appropriate for your needs and preferences.
Tank inlet screens Remove any leaves and debris and clean as needed to prevent water bounce and ensure higher water catchment; ensure there are no holes that mosquitoes could enter through; consider replacing with a screen filter for fine filtering, improved water catchment and easier maintenance.
Filter pits Remove any leaves and debris and clean screens as needed to preserve water quality and quantity; ensure there are no holes that mosquitoes could enter through.

Every 6 months

Inspect Maintain
Tank overflow screens or flap valves Clean as needed to ensure optimal functioning; ensure there are no holes that mosquitoes could enter through; ensure there are no obstructions blocking your tank outlets.
Water pumps and pump filters Check and clean pump filters as required to preserve longevity and function; check the maintenance guidelines for your pump and perform any required maintenance.
Water filters Inspect filter components and replace cartridges as necessary.


Inspect Maintain
Air gaps or backflow prevention Hose or brush off screens as needed; test to ensure backflow prevention is working.
Stored rainwater Complete water quality testing using appropriate testing processes.

Every 2 years

Inspect Maintain
Rainwater tank Remove accumulated sediment and/or sludge from the base of the tank for improved water quality; repair any cracks, holes or gaps.

At the UPP Group, we consult and provide innovative solutions to market using current technology, and through educating and empowering licensed plumbing technicians. We are all about revolutionizing and transforming the way South Africa does plumbing – from training to service.